Turning LED Signs Into Effective Marketing Tools

More appealing than banners and neon light signs, LED signs are cost-effective marketing tools that can be utilized to augment almost any business’s marketing efforts. They can be used to enhance a store’s image, increase brand exposure, or announce special promos and exclusive deals.

However, before deciding to install LED displays for your store, it is important that you plan every element that comes into the display to make it effective in generating revenues. You’d be able to determine the kind of advertising message on your sign by knowing who your audience is. Learn about what motivates customers to purchase the kind of products or services that you sell and conceptualize your advertisement accordingly.

LED signs can definitely grab attention, but you should make sure that the message is clear and simple. The attention span of passersby typically doesn’t last very long, so you’ll want the message to be delivered within the first few seconds that they glance at the display. Go straight to the point and avoid visual clutter without compromising graphic appeal. Also, word your advertisements well; choose language and syntax that fits your products and customers.

Choose colors that catch the eye without being neon light signs excessive, and follow through with words that welcome and pique curiosity. Repeat the main message on your sign. The other advantage of keeping messages short and simple is that they are easier to repeat on the display. Repetitive advertising is key to making your market remember your company’s message. Try to avoid adding extraneous information, and give enough to encourage and coax interested persons to inquire at your store.

Lastly, the location of LED signs is one of the most important factors to consider. Make sure your displays are highly visible to a large number of people. Choose the most appropriate size and brightness to suit the location where you plan to install the display. There are various types of LED displays, which could be large and bright electronic billboards, or smaller single-color outdoor store signs.

The size of your sign does not matter as much as the presentation of information. Even if the sign itself is small, there are many ways of catching customers’ attention. Using unconventional advertising techniques such as framing – using the elements surrounding your sign such as building colors to emphasize the presence of your shop − will help attract the attention of passersby. The size of the signage comes second.

Choosing LED signs for marketing is the ideal, cost-effective method that, with the right strategy and implementation, will guarantee more business and profit. Use signs to bolster your businesses, and use them to boost your advertising power.

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