The Advantages of Electric Cars

Many of us often ponder about the cost efficiency of owning an electric car rather that a fuel powered car. A lot of people end up dismissing the idea of an electric automobile because it is just not something that they are used to. So what is it about electric cars that make them so much better than our fuel driven cars? The answer is simple. They are eco-friendly, and they will save you gas money in the long run. If the advantages are so obvious, then why aren’t people jumping at the thought of them?

“The electrification of the automobile is inevitable”, Bob Lutz, vice chairman of General Motors.

Electric motors reduce city pollution tremendously. According to EPA, approximately 11,450 pounds of carbon is expelled by one car’s exhaust pipe yearly. Now that’s a lot of pollution! If you multiply this number by, let’s say, the millions of cars in America, the number is astonishing. Electric cars do not release carbon or pollution into our atmosphere because they do not have an exhaust pipe nor do they run on gasoline. So if you have an electric car, say, “Goodbye!” to your carbon footprint.

The average current price of regular unleaded gasoline in the state of Florida is two dollars and ninety cents per gallon. Electric vehicles have charging stations that don’t cost very much at all Little Rock. It costs about one dollar to charge a hybrid and two to four dollars for an all-electric car.

A couple major problems with electrical charging stations are the extremely long charging times, and the inability to locate them. A car takes roughly six hours to charge depending on the type of car. According to Discovery news, “last year the DOE announced a massive grant to the Electric Transportation Engineering Corp. to install 2,500 charging stations in each of five markets: Arizona, California, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington”. They are also striving to create charging stations that can charge automobiles to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. Prices of recharging at these new stations have not yet been announced.

A few examples of modern electric vehicles would include the oh-so daring Nissan LEAF, Toyota Prius, and the Tesla. These manufacturers continue to use car shipping companies to make their products available throughout the country and abroad.

As you can see, electric vehicles have both advantages and disadvantages. Improvement on charging time can only increase in the years to come. The government is putting forth the cash to promote these eco-friendly, gasoline free vehicles, and to make them affordable and convenient for the common man. Will we accept this new phase in the auto industry?

“In the long term, all vehicles will become electric,” said Elon Musk, founder of the electric vehicle company Tesla Motors.


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