Free Resume Templates – A Much Needed Resource When Creating a Resume

The average employer spends approximately 30 seconds reviewing each resume. Therefore, it is critical for a resume to present its information in a clear, concise, and easy-to-read format.

Job seekers need all the tools they can use in today’s competitive job market and free resume templates are one of those tools. Templates are pre-existing forms or formats that often include preset margins, graphics, fonts, and other information pertaining to the layout of a page. They are a valuable resource to use when creating a resume. Many of them are simple to use, just fill-in-the-blanks and your resume is ready to print.

Free resume free presentation templates have received their fair share of negative press with many critics stating they are too common and present a cookie cutter appearance. These critics are in the minority with the bulk of employers stating they are more concerned about content than they are about style and flare.

A person can have the best looking resume and still not be qualified. Content matters!

The use of a template helps to minimize some of the extraneous tasks associated with creating a resume and allows the writer to focus on the content.

A resume template is a valuable resource because:

  • it can save a person time
  • it presents their information in a standardized, professional manner
  • it is easily customized to the individual’s unique skills & qualifications!

Hundreds of free resume templates are available that can be used to create a resume that clearly outlines a person’s skills and qualifications. A search at Google returned over four million listings.

One of the best places to download a free resume free templates for powerpoint is at Microsoft’s website located  Click on “Office” located on the left side menu panel under the heading “Product Families,” then click on “Templates,” scroll down and in the main body of the website will be a heading named “Your Career.” There you can download a variety of free resume templates formatted in Microsoft Word.

Save yourself time and the frustration of trying to format your own document and use a template to create an effective resume today!

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