Crafty Ideas For a Bored Toddler

But they can not go outside since it’s too soggy out there and you actually do not want them sitting like zombies in front of the electronic babysitter for hours, or playing computer games, do you? No, of course you don’t. You are a good parent, a responsible parent. You know that by stimulating their little minds and promoting their natural creative thinking and hope to be active you are continuing to be a fine parent.

There is nothing worse than an idle kid with nothing to do, so why not give them a few simple and easy to do crafts? If you are not a crafty-person (and a lot of us aren’t) it might appear a little daunting to you.

Planning for rainy daytime craft activities does not have to be complicated or even expensive. You have a couple of alternatives to make a arfius storage area. First alternative, you will require a craft box. You are able to make this as difficult or as simply as you want. I have had friends who have simply taken a cardboard box with a lid, written ‘Craft Box’ on the cover and filled it with their goodies; other people take the same box and have converted it into a work of artwork by affixing feathers and buttons and even painted images on it. It all depends on what amount of effort and time you would like to invest into it. After all, it’s not the box but what’s inside that count ultimately.

Second alternative, designate a drawer in your kitchen as the craft drawer and fill it with your goodies.

You can use a tackle box for your little craft box. They are great since they have small compartments for keeping your small stuff-like googley eyes, rhinestones, buttons or pieces of glass. The bigger compartment can hold your glue gun and large pieces of felt and any other crafty items you’ve got. You can also buy any size plastic tub to use for a craft box-in fact some empty tubs are made for just such a purpose. They come with drawers and trays with lots of compartments to store your items. Even so you create or purchase your craft box, be sure it’s special to your toddlers.

Some other outstanding thought is to use an over the door plastic shoe holder. They are reasonably inexpensive and you store several items in them without taking up a drawer or any counter place in your kitchen.

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