Antrim Escape 3 Review and Tips

Are you a room escape fan? If you are, and you haven’t played the Antrim Escape series, you’re missing out! Antrim Escape 3 is the latest in the franchise, and it now even has a Christmas Hidden Object Adventure game for the holidays.

Antrim Escape 3 picks up where the second game left off. You begin the game as Ethel, Ryan’s grandmother. You’re in the past, so she’s young. You soon meet up with Ryan and Emma, since they were sent to the past in the previous games. Like Antrim Escape 2, the third game features Team Tactics. This means that at some point in the game, you have control over two different characters and two different inventories. You have to pass things from one to the other to get them to join up and mix their inventories.

Antrim Escape 3 offers plenty of challenging puzzles for fans of the room escape genre. While it doesn’t utilize any of the tilt or shake controls like the first two installments, there is still plenty here to keep you entertained.

The graphics in Antrim Escape 3 are gorgeous and full of details. You won’t have to guess at any point what you’re looking at. The controls are also very responsive and intuitive. Like any room escape game, you tap items to pick them up and to interact with your surroundings.

The new Christmas Hidden Object Adventure adds even more fun, whether you’ve played the game before or are new to the series. This game is played alongside the escape room main storyline, and has you collecting Christmas-themed items like reindeer and gingerbread men. If you manage to collect them all, you’ll get a little surprise at the end.

What makes Antrim Escape 3 so great is its challenging puzzles. But sometimes you might get stuck and need help. If you do, here are some tips to help you out:

1. For the stones puzzle, look at the spiral on the mask for hint of the order of the stones.

2. When you go outside in the snow, some things could be covered in snow! Tap the snow to move it and reveal the objects underneath.

3. For the Christmas game, sometimes you can’t access an item until something from the main game is moved. Make sure to check in and under everything, especially after making any changes to the room.

These hints should help you make it through, but if you need more help you can read my walkthroughs.

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